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i really think i died. i havent updated this thing in years.. well okay maybe since last friday!

sAtuRdAY--dance workshop.. yeah it was amazing :) so fun.. but so tiring and so sore! woke up on saturday at 7:30 by eric ;) haha.. he called me and we talked for a lil! then i had to pick up jessiy and we went to berkley.. we warmed up and then danced.. our insturcters were natalie + sarah.. they were sweet! we did a pom routine.. for like 2 hours..performed it.. then ate lunch.. haha the bee's were attacking me jess and aud!.. lol it was great :) then we went back and danced and did a hip hop routine.. learned it and performed it..which was coolio.. then we did like drill downs+team building skills.. then we got to leave! so i came home! slept for 4 hours.. and talked to eric and we wanted to chill.. so he came over and we made cookies/brownies and i made him watch "from justin to kelly" haha:).. then afterwards we went to ryans and watched family guy.. and i left around 11.. i was pissed because my internet like broke so i coudlnt find out when kelly was on conan! so i missed it.. but its okay it was a repeat so i watched it online :)

SundaY- woRkshoP again :).. woke up at 8 this time.. picked up jessiy.. went to school. we warmed up.. I WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOO SORE! insane couldnt even like touch my toes.. yeah.very much in pain!.. anyways.. we learned our team routine..which is so cute! then after that.. we had lunch.. and then we reviewed our hip hop + pom ones we learned the day b4.. and then we did like team games.. and we got to leave!! yay :)!.. so i came home..eric called me and we chattted.. then i did ALL of my homework :)!..yay:) my internet still didnt work .. so it sucked.. but the laptop did.. so then that night my mom deleted EVERYTHING on the computer.. and started fresh.. so its SO FAST!. but thers no kazaa or anything.. but its still amazing :).

MoNDaY-went to we danced..yeah.hah :).. math did a review and worksheet..english..sub.. read a story and did a worksheet.. lunch--..went with taylor and kristin to elaines.. and bio we took notes.. thats basically what we did in school.. then went to dance later on.. our song is from"Soluno" its very latinish.. very cute :) i really like it.. were very sassy :). haha i just hope we get good costumes to match!.. hehe:) ... anyways yeah then that night i watched road rules.. SEASON FINALE! amazing episode :) holla :)..

TuEsDAy- yesterday um.. well orchestra we had a playing test.. wasnt bad at all.. pretty good actually :).. economics took notes...seminar-- went into nadeaus..met up with cara and did lab! then lunch went with leah ,danielle and then met up with lisa at elaines! :).. then in spanish..worked with caitlin on our family tree's.. which was fun.. and yeah.. thats it? came home after school.. umm watched tv.. slept.. basically..typed up my lab.. did spansih hw..watched from justin to kelly.. listened to the whole kelly cd twice! yaya :) then later my sister came home from college! i was so happy to see her! i miss her! she should come home more often! HALO LUNG RACHEL!. Then i felt so sick.. my throat killed..headache..etc.. so yeah went to sleep early.. missed newlyweds but watched real world..

WeDeNesDAy=ToDAy.. went to school first hour feeling blah.. very blah.. dance sucked the big one. my nose was running.. couldnt swallow.. felt like i was gonna throw up!.. sucked..! then went math.. worked with jill on stuff..kinda ran around the halls.. then 3rd hour.. called my mom and she came and picked me up.. and now im home+ sick feeling like shhittt.. my ortho is cancelled.. so the rest of the day i think i shall sleep. :) oh yeah.. one more thing

I AM MEETING HILARY DUFF TOMMOROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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