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goddamn.. i dont even remember the last timei updated this thing.. umm..? well we can start with friday??
umm.. friday woke up at 11.. and then went driving with my daddy :)!.. it was fun.. then we came home.. and i made myself some delicious brownies and then watched from justin to kelly... mmhmm yeah i dont really remember what else i did!.. but we didnt get the dance video..blah..
so saturday woke up at 11 again and watched diary of hilary duff.. was definitley amazing.. that girl is the cutest thing in the world.. so yeah.. mhmm.. what else.. um yeah i went shopping with my sister + mom.. yeah.. came back.. went to taco bell.. GOT DANCE VIDEO! so watched it.. yeah mhmm.. then parents went out.. so i watched from j2k.. played on comp.. then went to erics house.. we swam and kirk+ryan were there.. we swam for like an hour then hot tubbed for an hour...then i left.. and fell like alseep after i watched some scenes "from justin to kelly"..
then today helped my sister move into eastern today.. went there at like 11.. then came back around like 3.. we went to subway.. and i slept for 2 hours.. now im at my uncles.. in west bloomfield..playin on the computer.. i want to hang with eric tonight.. hopefully that will work out :)!
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