jElLy cLaRkINi (lizzie_mcguire0) wrote,
jElLy cLaRkINi

thUrsDaY:--wOke Up @ 1.. hehe! tell showered and shittt.. and then later on went shoping.. got a backpack.. and then went into one of those celeb live chats with JUSTIN GUARINI... my question didnt get answered.. btu thats okay :-/! .. anyways.. then i went to kristins house.. we went online, watched TRUE LIFE! haha holla.. then we ate lots of food.. i ate like 10 bagels. . lol onion breath!! haha.. omg i was lke dying.. her room was boiling hot.. so i was tossin and turnin like the whole night!.. but had a dream about justin guarini.. which was good :)!.. haha..
FrIDaY--.. we had to wake up early for school pictures!.. i restraightned my hair.. it really was already straight... but just fixed it.. then we ate beakfast.. and then left.. we took pics.. ran into some people.. then went over to burger king.. seemed like forever to get there...ah we were like burning hot.. lol so we walked there.. ordered food..then we left... walked home.. got honked at my these ghetto guys.. and this one guy screamed .. he was like hey ladies come here!.. we ran.. lol haha:).. so we went to her house.. compared schedules with people.. then.. i left.. and i showered.. chilled.watched tv..and thats basically it. made very good brownies tonight.. haha..
new icons coming soon!.. a new timeless one. and this adorkable one that my awesome friend made for me!! I <33 yah!!

Well im just gonna use this journal to comment on peoples journals! <333
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