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i cant wait till wednesday!

Hey.. Whattttupppp!!?! notta here!!.. aight lemme talk about today.. woke up around 12 felt sooo much better.. that medicine helped a lot that the doctor subscribed.... and ate breakfast./lunch.. then went out tanning for about 2 hours.. and was so burnt and i got tan! wahoo!.. then showered later on.. and was burning hot! .. haha then went to taco bell later on.. and then straightined my hair.. :-) ..
Im in a bunch of kelly forums and i found out how the teen choice awards went tonight! they dont air till wednesday but i had to find out!! so if you dont wanna know what happend then i think you should not click here

Kelly won breakthrough artist!! wahoo!!!... she was up for 8 nominated but they only presented 2 out of the 8 which is weird..t hey didnt even present best chemistry which i knew they would of won.. i dunno.. she the girl at the forums im at went to the TCA's.. and said kell was so good! im so happy i have a pic of her performing low.. so here it is
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Your layout is soooo cute, :) add me and ill add you back.