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I never have time to update this thing its insane!

Friday- Hmm.. lets see..went to school.. it was a really good day. First hour was dance.. we did ballet haha it was fun. i guess.. um..second hour math.. took a quiz..then third hour we had a fire drill and + ms. mclean wasnt there so i slept the whole frickin hour. :)!. then lunch.. hmm i think i went with lindsey+kristin.. yeah probably haha.. we went to elaines.. haha what else is new.. then came back.. um.. bio..wathced another movie.. i fell asleep too.. ms.nadeau never notices.. haha :)!. erm.. what else!. . then after school.. came home and slept for about 3 hours.. i was exhasuted!! i couldnt even explain how tired i was..then i sneezed for an hour straight and couldnt breathe.. i talked to eric for 2 hours straight. yeah we just have good conversations :)

Saturday- woke up at 11 feeling a lot better. I took this night time medicine so i fell asleep right away with no problemos! then i went to production.. theres like no one in it this year.. its gonna be fun :)! woo .. then came home and eric called me.. he wanted to go bowling with me + lindz+josh.. so we all went ! it was so fun ..haha i beat eric so bad.. yeahh haha you suck. JOKE. It was fun because josh has his licenese so he drove us around..hes a good driver :)!.. then i came home for about 2hours.. and then went back to lindseys.. we made delicious brownies! then eric me and lindz went online and chilled..then kirk and ryan came over and we all played ddr.. haha lindsey is the best at that game! haha NO JOKE! anyways after that we went to ryans and we were gonna swim but the pool was FREEZING! so we didnt.. we ended up watching family guy..which was coolio.. then we went back to erics and went in the hot tub for maybe like a half hour.. then i went back to lindseys to sleep over and eric ended up sleeping over. eric and i talked for maybe like 7 hours straight didnt fall asleep till maybe 5? yeah i need sleep. haha i ended up waking up at 12 + eric had already left and lindsey was on the computer. haha it was weird eric told me i randomly got up and cracked my ankels then fell down? lol i think i slept walk. haha.. no JOKE!
So then today.. um i came home.. did homework+showered.. picked out a homecoming dress.. which it is very pretty i'll take a pic soon with a camera.. and then you can all see :)! but yeah.. so that was my weekend. i dont want to go to school.. i miss summer :(
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