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Alright first of all i would like to say the concert was absoulutley AMAZING

So we left for the concert at 10:30.. On the ride there.. I called 93.1 drq and asked to play missindependent.. she said "are you going to the concert?".. Im like of course! shes like"Have Fun!, Who's Calling?" and im like "Lizzy"..Shs like "Have a wonderful time!"...So already i was excited!..
So we get there and i see Barbara & Julie.. and we talk and stuff.! then we got inside and we went to our seats.. we had seats LL.. and number 61 and 60.. and we got food.. then barbara called me.. and shes like all the way down there in like row 14! so we ran down there without gettin caught.... haha hoppin down rows.. which was soo fun!..and then we saw Roxanne.. who was opening for kelly.. she was 14 years old and looked like she was 30!.. when it was dead quiet.. we screamed we love you roxanne! shes like "aww i love you too!"
Then after she was done.. 20 minutes later i hear "Everybody's Talking..But they don't say a thing..".. I look and i see KELLY!!!. i am screamin my head off.. going phsyco!!. taking pictures and omg.. it was amazing.. babara and i were jammin! screaming goin crazy!!... haha.. she waved at us!.. and we were on the big screen twice!!.. also while she was singing"thankful".. everyone was sitting down.. But nope! We were stnading up.. and thats when kelly saw our shirts.!! She waved & laughed at us!..
We also took like amazing pictures.. Of course my camera ran out.. So we used Kristins camera.. Barbara took a bunch of pictures.. so they will be posted!..
Also what was cool was a bunch of people asked us if they could take pictures of our shirts!.. Which was off the hook!!.. Our shirts were pretty cool!.. haha we got stared at.. which was awesome and got us on the screen!!..
On the way home.. They played Miss Independent.. On the freeway.. so i blast it and grab beads..stick my face out the window and scream miss independent!!! haha.. omg the concert was amazing!!!!!!.. picturess will be up soon!!!
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