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Yeah so i havent writtenn in foreverrrr

TUESDAY- went to to a dentist appointment.. then bought the lizzie mcguire movie DVD haha yay! then came home and watched the dvd.. which was amazing!!.. haha then after that went to dinner.. and thats all i remember

WEDNESDAY- went to the orthondonist.. which was fun.. then went to lunch and got a sub.. i dont really remember much on wednesday either.. :-/

THURSDAY!-.. woke up at 1.. and my mom got free lawn tickets to kelly clarkson.. so she decieded to wanted to go and take my sister and a few of there friends.. so yeah we went to the palace.. got a lil lost on the way there.. :-/.. but its all good.. validated the tickets.. then went over to great lakes crossing.. got cute pants.. then the power went out!!! we waited for like 20 min.. then decided to leave so traffic was horrible.. took us like 34083495 hours get home.. but we jammed and BLASTED kelly clarkson.. i think my mom knows every lyric to ever one of her songs.. yeah so we got home.. and bbq'd.. and then i read some of my book since the power was out and there was nothin to do.. i literally killed myself.. then it got dark.. and i chilled with my sisters.. and yeah.. didnt fall asleep till like 5!

FRIDAY-- the night of the kelly clarkson concert.. yeah cancelled :-(
So i wake up at like 9.. by my sisters boyfriends cat.. who we might keep.. but i doubt it.. eh oh well.. we still have my zeddy :--).. anyways.. woke up and ate eggs.. that my mom grilled lol.. then fell asleep.. then eric called me and wanted me to come over and hang out with him lindsey ryan and graeme.. so i did.. it was so fun :-).. we swam in the rain.. i got like attacked my graeme.. haha what a weird kid.. we played monopoly i kicked there asses... haha i rule.. then we went swimmin again.. then went back to the hot tub.. then went swimmin.. haha then went back to the hot tub!..then at like 5.. lindsey and i went back to her house.. and she changed.. then we went back to eric's.. and i find out the KELLY CLARKSON CONCERT IS CANCELLED... yeah no worries it got reschduled FOR MONDAY AT 1:00.. so kristin we are still goin!.. :-).. then after chillin up in eric's room. i went home.. and the power came on like 15 min later!.THANK GOD.. i showered :-).. then later.. watched THE NEW LIZZIE MCGURIE EPSIDOE.. then cheatah girls and then yeah.. my sisters friend anna came over.. we played monopoly.. then chilled.. THEN THE INTERNET CONNECTION FINALLY WORKED!!.. ahhh!!> thank god.. :-).. well yeah im out ..

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