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[24 Dec 2003|10:29pm]
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[19 Sep 2003|11:14pm]
Just to let you know.. this journal is now closed


^ that one is open!

** I will still keep this journal to comment :)

[18 Sep 2003|07:55pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

New Journal!


[17 Sep 2003|11:23am]
[ mood | anxious ]

i really think i died. i havent updated this thing in years.. well okay maybe since last friday!

sAtuRdAY--dance workshop.. yeah it was amazing :) so fun.. but so tiring and so sore! woke up on saturday at 7:30 by eric ;) haha.. he called me and we talked for a lil! then i had to pick up jessiy and we went to berkley.. we warmed up and then danced.. our insturcters were natalie + sarah.. they were sweet! we did a pom routine.. for like 2 hours..performed it.. then ate lunch.. haha the bee's were attacking me jess and aud!.. lol it was great :) then we went back and danced and did a hip hop routine.. learned it and performed it..which was coolio.. then we did like drill downs+team building skills.. then we got to leave! so i came home! slept for 4 hours.. and talked to eric and we wanted to chill.. so he came over and we made cookies/brownies and i made him watch "from justin to kelly" haha:).. then afterwards we went to ryans and watched family guy.. and i left around 11.. i was pissed because my internet like broke so i coudlnt find out when kelly was on conan! so i missed it.. but its okay it was a repeat so i watched it online :)

SundaY- woRkshoP again :).. woke up at 8 this time.. picked up jessiy.. went to school. we warmed up.. I WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOO SORE! insane couldnt even like touch my toes.. yeah.very much in pain!.. anyways.. we learned our team routine..which is so cute! then after that.. we had lunch.. and then we reviewed our hip hop + pom ones we learned the day b4.. and then we did like team games.. and we got to leave!! yay :)!.. so i came home..eric called me and we chattted.. then i did ALL of my homework :)!..yay:) my internet still didnt work .. so it sucked.. but the laptop did.. so then that night my mom deleted EVERYTHING on the computer.. and started fresh.. so its SO FAST!. but thers no kazaa or anything.. but its still amazing :).

MoNDaY-went to school..um..dance.. we danced..yeah.hah :).. math did a review and worksheet..english..sub.. read a story and did a worksheet.. lunch--..went with taylor and kristin to elaines.. and bio we took notes.. thats basically what we did in school.. then went to dance later on.. our song is from"Soluno" its very latinish.. very cute :) i really like it.. were very sassy :). haha i just hope we get good costumes to match!.. hehe:) ... anyways yeah then that night i watched road rules.. SEASON FINALE! amazing episode :) holla :)..

TuEsDAy- yesterday um.. well orchestra we had a playing test.. wasnt bad at all.. pretty good actually :).. economics took notes...seminar-- went into nadeaus..met up with cara and did lab! then lunch went with leah ,danielle and then met up with lisa at elaines! :).. then in spanish..worked with caitlin on our family tree's.. which was fun.. and yeah.. thats it? came home after school.. umm watched tv.. slept.. basically..typed up my lab.. did spansih hw..watched from justin to kelly.. listened to the whole kelly cd twice! yaya :) then later my sister came home from college! i was so happy to see her! i miss her! she should come home more often! HALO LUNG RACHEL!. Then i felt so sick.. my throat killed..headache..etc.. so yeah went to sleep early.. missed newlyweds but watched real world..

WeDeNesDAy=ToDAy.. went to school first hour feeling blah.. very blah.. dance sucked the big one. my nose was running.. couldnt swallow.. felt like i was gonna throw up!.. sucked..! then went math.. worked with jill on stuff..kinda ran around the halls.. then 3rd hour.. called my mom and she came and picked me up.. and now im home+ sick feeling like shhittt.. my ortho is cancelled.. so the rest of the day i think i shall sleep. :) oh yeah.. one more thing

I AM MEETING HILARY DUFF TOMMOROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[07 Sep 2003|06:07pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

I never have time to update this thing its insane!

Friday- Hmm.. lets see..went to school.. it was a really good day. First hour was dance.. we did ballet haha it was fun. i guess.. um..second hour math.. took a quiz..then third hour we had a fire drill and + ms. mclean wasnt there so i slept the whole frickin hour. :)!. then lunch.. hmm i think i went with lindsey+kristin.. yeah probably haha.. we went to elaines.. haha what else is new.. then came back.. um.. bio..wathced another movie.. i fell asleep too.. ms.nadeau never notices.. haha :)!. erm.. what else!. . then after school.. came home and slept for about 3 hours.. i was exhasuted!! i couldnt even explain how tired i was..then i sneezed for an hour straight and couldnt breathe.. i talked to eric for 2 hours straight. yeah we just have good conversations :)

Saturday- woke up at 11 feeling a lot better. I took this night time medicine so i fell asleep right away with no problemos! then i went to production.. theres like no one in it this year.. its gonna be fun :)! woo .. then came home and eric called me.. he wanted to go bowling with me + lindz+josh.. so we all went ! it was so fun ..haha i beat eric so bad.. yeahh haha you suck. JOKE. It was fun because josh has his licenese so he drove us around..hes a good driver :)!.. then i came home for about 2hours.. and then went back to lindseys.. we made delicious brownies! then eric me and lindz went online and chilled..then kirk and ryan came over and we all played ddr.. haha lindsey is the best at that game! haha NO JOKE! anyways after that we went to ryans and we were gonna swim but the pool was FREEZING! so we didnt.. we ended up watching family guy..which was coolio.. then we went back to erics and went in the hot tub for maybe like a half hour.. then i went back to lindseys to sleep over and eric ended up sleeping over. eric and i talked for maybe like 7 hours straight didnt fall asleep till maybe 5? yeah i need sleep. haha i ended up waking up at 12 + eric had already left and lindsey was on the computer. haha it was weird eric told me i randomly got up and cracked my ankels then fell down? lol i think i slept walk. haha.. no JOKE!
So then today.. um i came home.. did homework+showered.. picked out a homecoming dress.. which it is very pretty i'll take a pic soon with a camera.. and then you can all see :)! but yeah.. so that was my weekend. i dont want to go to school.. i miss summer :(

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[05 Sep 2003|07:01am]


woah..yeah i have been gettin yelled at to update this thing so here it goes!

tuesday- woke up and drove to schoool... then went to orchestra..hardly played..ermm yeah.. econ- um reviewd shit.. seminar- worked on lots of hw jammed to my whole kelly cd :)!.. then lunch went with lindsey and kristin to elaines!.. then came back went to spanish.. worked on like review shit. ..then came home..umm yeah thats all i remember..

Wednesday-- went to school..dance-sat around + did shit.. yeah ermm..math did a few..worksheets..english did an impromtu..lunch went w/ danielle to elaines..so fun! i <3 that girl..ermm..yeah then bio watched a movie and shit..nothin special..came home slept and watcehd hang time+ trl+homework...yeah nothin special

today- well to start out today... its the one year aniversary of when kelly won american idol! like right about now she won!...[9:56 pm] :) congrads kelly! wahoo..alright so anyways i woke up to "a moment like this" playin on my radio :) that was happy for me :).. erm yeah.. oh so today.. orchestra- played...econ- quiz + notes... seminar- did ALL my hw.. spanish- worked with partners..on shit.. yeah .. then came home and did nothin..then went to dance ballet + lyrical.. this will be a fun year :)!

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woo woo [31 Aug 2003|07:18pm]
goddamn.. i dont even remember the last timei updated this thing.. umm..? well we can start with friday??
umm.. friday woke up at 11.. and then went driving with my daddy :)!.. it was fun.. then we came home.. and i made myself some delicious brownies and then watched from justin to kelly... mmhmm yeah i dont really remember what else i did!.. but we didnt get the dance video..blah..
so saturday woke up at 11 again and watched diary of hilary duff.. was definitley amazing.. that girl is the cutest thing in the world.. so yeah.. mhmm.. what else.. um yeah i went shopping with my sister + mom.. yeah.. came back.. went to taco bell.. GOT DANCE VIDEO! so watched it.. yeah mhmm.. then parents went out.. so i watched from j2k.. played on comp.. then went to erics house.. we swam and kirk+ryan were there.. we swam for like an hour then hot tubbed for an hour...then i left.. and fell like alseep after i watched some scenes "from justin to kelly"..
then today helped my sister move into eastern today.. went there at like 11.. then came back around like 3.. we went to subway.. and i slept for 2 hours.. now im at my uncles.. in west bloomfield..playin on the computer.. i want to hang with eric tonight.. hopefully that will work out :)!
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[30 Aug 2003|11:37am]
new spankin layout :)!
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[28 Aug 2003|11:41pm]
so yeah.. hmm havent updated this thing since like sunday! or saturday.. lol well school started monday.. all my classes are really good.. nothing to complain about..the dance class will probably be the best.. in our class theres kristin,adrienne,leah,ashley,leigh,lindsay,..etcc.... so yeah all my classes are fun.. i like this year better then last year.. anyawys.. monday.. hmm.. went to school..then jessiy+ me and ashley got slurpees.. i came home.. and umm.. organized stuff.. got all my binders and shit ready.. haha.. chileld the whole day.. yeah hmm..
then tuesday.. the day i had been waitin fo! FROM J2K OUT IN DVD!! haha so school was good.. umm dance.. we sat in the auditorium..slept...then math.. did a section and shit.. then english.. did an interview.. then lunch went w/ kristin+ lindsey to ELAINES :)!.. ate there. .then came back.. then bio did lil acitvity.. was okay.. the classrooms are SO HOT..+ omg there burninggg!! ahh.. so yeah anyways after school came home.. cleaned my room+my mom bought me the from j2k dvd .. i spent the whole day watching it.. lol they have the best extra's.. bloopers.. then you can watch the movie where theres commentry and jsutin and kelly talk about the scenes and stuff.. lol the funniest part is kelly is squinting.. and shes like " I jsut realized the lyrics are I see it all baby in your eyes.. but my eyes are closed!".. haha she laughs for like an hour straight.. tis so great ! so then i watched real world+ newlyweds. then went to sleep..
wednesday.. went to schoolio.. had orchestra..we played.. umm.. then econ.. went over shit.. then did sttuff out of the book.. then seminar.. talked to the french student.. chilled.. did hw.. then lunch went with kristin.. then came back.. then 4th hour.. went to spanish.. burning hot in that room too. god the classrooms are soo hottt.. ahhhh.. so then came home after school.. did homework.. watched from j2k.. haha againn.. umm.. yeah thats all i did..yesterday..
Today.. was hmm.. well good.. went to schoool.. for dance we were in the auditorium agan.. slept moer.. then math.. did worksheets..then english presented stuff.. haha we did this interview thing.. where you interviewed someone then wrote a paper on them but you couldnt use there name because we were gonna present them.. and the class had to guess who your partner was .. and it was graet because when someone read the paper about me it started out like " This 15 year old sophmore.. has a glowing smile with long brown hair with blonde highlights.. who's favorite show is Lizzie McGuire.. and she loves kelly clarkson and she just recently went to her concert".. and everyone raised there hand and knew it was me! lol it was funny! haha :) so yeah that was fun. after english was done.. went to lunch with lexi,mollie+sarah.. then went to bio.. we took notes.. then watched a movie.. then schoool was doneeee.. then went home.. + chilled.. got ready for vma's.. i did all of my homework for the weekend.. so nothin to worry about .. watched the vma post show.. saw kelly :)!. watched her+ hilary present.. kelly didnt win anything but thats okay.. she will pick up a grammy :)!.. anyways... tommorow night im goin to erics .. were gonna watch wrong turn and maybe go in the hot tub.. :-) .. well peaceee

[25 Aug 2003|02:49pm]
[ mood | curious ]

i love these clips from the american idol finale!! ahh!!


[24 Aug 2003|12:47pm]
new layout :-)
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what kelly song are you? [23 Aug 2003|10:17pm]


[23 Aug 2003|08:11pm]
thUrsDaY:--wOke Up @ 1.. hehe! tell showered and shittt.. and then later on went shoping.. got a backpack.. and then went into one of those celeb live chats with JUSTIN GUARINI... my question didnt get answered.. btu thats okay :-/! .. anyways.. then i went to kristins house.. we went online, watched TRUE LIFE! haha holla.. then we ate lots of food.. i ate like 10 bagels. . lol onion breath!! haha.. omg i was lke dying.. her room was boiling hot.. so i was tossin and turnin like the whole night!.. but had a dream about justin guarini.. which was good :)!.. haha..
FrIDaY--.. we had to wake up early for school pictures!.. i restraightned my hair.. it really was already straight... but just fixed it.. then we ate beakfast.. and then left.. we took pics.. ran into some people.. then went over to burger king.. seemed like forever to get there...ah we were like burning hot.. lol so we walked there.. ordered food..then we left... walked home.. got honked at my these ghetto guys.. and this one guy screamed .. he was like hey ladies come here!.. we ran.. lol haha:).. so we went to her house.. compared schedules with people.. then.. i left.. and i showered.. chilled.watched tv..and thats basically it. made very good brownies tonight.. haha..
new icons coming soon!.. a new timeless one. and this adorkable one that my awesome friend made for me!! I <33 yah!!

Well im just gonna use this journal to comment on peoples journals! <333
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[23 Aug 2003|04:56pm]
New icons credit to [yourquietmouth]

[19 Aug 2003|01:53am]
KeLLy PicTurES fRom coNCert!Collapse )

KELLY CLARKSON CONCERT TODAY 8-18 [18 Aug 2003|11:35pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Alright first of all i would like to say the concert was absoulutley AMAZING

So we left for the concert at 10:30.. On the ride there.. I called 93.1 drq and asked to play missindependent.. she said "are you going to the concert?".. Im like of course! shes like"Have Fun!, Who's Calling?" and im like "Lizzy"..Shs like "Have a wonderful time!"...So already i was excited!..
So we get there and i see Barbara & Julie.. and we talk and stuff.! then we got inside and we went to our seats.. we had seats LL.. and number 61 and 60.. and we got food.. then barbara called me.. and shes like all the way down there in like row 14! so we ran down there without gettin caught.... haha hoppin down rows.. which was soo fun!..and then we saw Roxanne.. who was opening for kelly.. she was 14 years old and looked like she was 30!.. when it was dead quiet.. we screamed we love you roxanne! shes like "aww i love you too!"
Then after she was done.. 20 minutes later i hear "Everybody's Talking..But they don't say a thing..".. I look and i see KELLY!!!. i am screamin my head off.. going phsyco!!. taking pictures and omg.. it was amazing.. babara and i were jammin! screaming goin crazy!!... haha.. she waved at us!.. and we were on the big screen twice!!.. also while she was singing"thankful".. everyone was sitting down.. But nope! We were stnading up.. and thats when kelly saw our shirts.!! She waved & laughed at us!..
We also took like amazing pictures.. Of course my camera ran out.. So we used Kristins camera.. Barbara took a bunch of pictures.. so they will be posted!..
Also what was cool was a bunch of people asked us if they could take pictures of our shirts!.. Which was off the hook!!.. Our shirts were pretty cool!.. haha we got stared at.. which was awesome and got us on the screen!!..
On the way home.. They played Miss Independent.. On the freeway.. so i blast it and grab beads..stick my face out the window and scream miss independent!!! haha.. omg the concert was amazing!!!!!!.. picturess will be up soon!!!


[16 Aug 2003|12:53am]

Yeah so i havent writtenn in foreverrrr

TUESDAY- went to to a dentist appointment.. then bought the lizzie mcguire movie DVD haha yay! then came home and watched the dvd.. which was amazing!!.. haha then after that went to dinner.. and thats all i remember

WEDNESDAY- went to the orthondonist.. which was fun.. then went to lunch and got a sub.. i dont really remember much on wednesday either.. :-/

THURSDAY!-.. woke up at 1.. and my mom got free lawn tickets to kelly clarkson.. so she decieded to wanted to go and take my sister and a few of there friends.. so yeah we went to the palace.. got a lil lost on the way there.. :-/.. but its all good.. validated the tickets.. then went over to great lakes crossing.. got cute pants.. then the power went out!!! we waited for like 20 min.. then decided to leave so traffic was horrible.. took us like 34083495 hours get home.. but we jammed and BLASTED kelly clarkson.. i think my mom knows every lyric to ever one of her songs.. yeah so we got home.. and bbq'd.. and then i read some of my book since the power was out and there was nothin to do.. i literally killed myself.. then it got dark.. and i chilled with my sisters.. and yeah.. didnt fall asleep till like 5!

FRIDAY-- the night of the kelly clarkson concert.. yeah cancelled :-(
So i wake up at like 9.. by my sisters boyfriends cat.. who we might keep.. but i doubt it.. eh oh well.. we still have my zeddy :--).. anyways.. woke up and ate eggs.. that my mom grilled lol.. then fell asleep.. then eric called me and wanted me to come over and hang out with him lindsey ryan and graeme.. so i did.. it was so fun :-).. we swam in the rain.. i got like attacked my graeme.. haha what a weird kid.. we played monopoly i kicked there asses... haha i rule.. then we went swimmin again.. then went back to the hot tub.. then went swimmin.. haha then went back to the hot tub!..then at like 5.. lindsey and i went back to her house.. and she changed.. then we went back to eric's.. and i find out the KELLY CLARKSON CONCERT IS CANCELLED... yeah no worries it got reschduled FOR MONDAY AT 1:00.. so kristin we are still goin!.. :-).. then after chillin up in eric's room. i went home.. and the power came on like 15 min later!.THANK GOD.. i showered :-).. then later.. watched THE NEW LIZZIE MCGURIE EPSIDOE.. then cheatah girls and then yeah.. my sisters friend anna came over.. we played monopoly.. then chilled.. THEN THE INTERNET CONNECTION FINALLY WORKED!!.. ahhh!!> thank god.. :-).. well yeah im out ..

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i cant wait till wednesday! [03 Aug 2003|01:18pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Hey.. Whattttupppp!!?! notta here!!.. aight lemme talk about today.. woke up around 12 felt sooo much better.. that medicine helped a lot that the doctor subscribed.... and ate breakfast./lunch.. then went out tanning for about 2 hours.. and was so burnt and i got tan! wahoo!.. then showered later on.. and was burning hot! .. haha then went to taco bell later on.. and then straightined my hair.. :-) ..
Im in a bunch of kelly forums and i found out how the teen choice awards went tonight! they dont air till wednesday but i had to find out!! so if you dont wanna know what happend then i think you should not click here

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[20 Jul 2003|12:59pm]
Well eek.. havent written in a while.. lets start out with thursday

Thursday-.. Woke up at 11.. and went to the ann arbor art fair with my sister, mom & my aunt ruthie.. so we drove there and we got there and walked around.. it was sooo hot.. oy! so then we like walked around.. and then we went to lunch later on at some mexican resturant.. it was soo good.. i had a really good chicken toastada.. omg it was soo good :-)!.. well then later on.. we went to urband outfitters.. i got a pair of bulldog pants, bulldog shorts & a cute jean skirt :-).. well then we left and went home & we got lost .. eek.. i slept the whole way home.. anyways.. then later on erica came over and we all chilled.. which was very fun! ;-)!.. then i went to sleep later that night..

fRiDay - Twins came home.. we hung out with them for a while.. and then later on i went to the movies with krsitin.. we wanted to see the sneak preview of freaky friday but was sold out.. so then we wanted to see how to deal.. but wasnt playin at paladium.. so we saw legally blonde 2.. but before that we went to olga's and saw courtney earlier.. by the way.. haha.. so then we went to see the movie which was good.. it was funny and cute.. :-).. so then after came home.. and stayed online for the rest of the ngiht.. and then just fell asleep later on..

SatUrday= woke up at 12:30.. and ate lunch & went online.. then at 1:30 watched my show hang time & tried to win kelly tickets.. i have been callin all day.. and im not givin up.. but anyways.. my mom knows someone at 95.5 that could get me kelly clarkson tickets..:-) but im still callin!! haha i chilled with my sisters all day.. we bonded.. haha emily is so funny.. nikki got annoying.. but its all good now.. alright well im out for now

survey @ 4 am! [29 Jun 2003|04:12am]
01. What color are your walls? purple
02. What color is your bedspread/sheets? white and blue
03. What color is your rug?purple
04. Any posters/bulletin boards/designs in your room? lots of hilary duff pictures.. dance pictures
05. Do you have a TV? yep
06. Do you have a phone? yep
07. Do you have your own computer?yes
08. Do you have a desk? yes
09. What are your most treasured belongings in your room? my autograph from hilary duf!
10. What are your most favorite things in your room? watch tv
11. Do you have any fancy lights in your room? a fan!

01. What is the first thing you do when you wake up? get dressed
02. Anything unusual?i go online
03. Do you pick out your clothes the night before school? yes
04. Do you try your best to look cute for school? if im in the mood ;-)

// SCHOOL //
01. What color is your backpack?blue
02. Do you try your best when it comes to school work? it depends
03. Do you listen or doodle? both
04. BE QUIET - yep..most of the time
05. Do you eat your cafeteria food, or go out? ELAINES!
06. What do you do right when schools over? go home

// HOME //
When you come home are you. . .
01. Miserable? nope
02. Happy? yes
03. Tired? yeah
04. LEAVE ME ALONE? way too much

// OTHER //
01. Do you take walks around your neighborhood sometimes? yes
02. What are some hobbies of yours? dance,music,
03. Do you collect anything? pictures
04. What do you do in your spare time? computer/dance
05. Are you in love, or at least falling? not at the moment :-)

01. What do you do before you go to bed? pick out a cd to doze off to
02. Do you kiss your parents/guardians goodnight, or just say "goodnight"? just go to my room & sleep
03. What way do you sleep (ex: on your side, tummy, etc.)? stomach, sides, back..i roll around a lot
04. Do you like your life?yes

Last cigarette: never
Last car ride: few hours ago
Last kiss: blah!
Last good cry: i dont remember
Last library book checked out: yesterday
Last movie seen: lizzie mcguire movie
Last book read: kissn dornobds
Last cuss word uttered: fuck
Last beverage drank: flavored water stuff
Last food consumed: cheez-it
Last phone call: lauren
Last TV show watched: sister sister
Last time showered: this morning
Last shoes worn: old navy flip flops
Last cd played: a mix of Strike Anywhere, Hot Water Music, and The Promise Ring
Last item bought: braclets from claire's
Last downloaded: fraggle rock episodes
Last annoyance: my cd player not working right
Last disappointment: the day had to end
Last soda drank: sprite
Last thing written: "mall"
Last key used: backspace
Last word spoken: pure

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